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Salinas Salsa, Co. - the Original

A fresh salsa created in small batches that is Fresh & Authentic with every mouth watering bite! A Homemade taste like no other Period.  Salinas Salsa™ products is pleased to say that we are ALL NATURAL and we have No Artificial Preservatives, No Sugars, No Artificial Chemicals or Coloring & Gluten Free. In short we keep the artificial bad stuff out! We have been tested for a 12-month shelf life unopened and approximately once opened 2-months refrigerated. It’s a FRESH ALL NATURAL TASTE literally we like to say "It’s from the farm to the jar!”; to give you the best fresh ingredients to your mouth. Our line of salsa products are preserved naturally to give you that same taste as it was cooked right from our commercial kitchen right there and then. Once you taste it you will know exactly what me mean about a Fresh taste!

Eat Cold or Heat it up both ways are deliciously good and fresh tasting.

Texan made, Texas proud.

Everything is HOTTER in Texas! And Salinas Salsa, Co. has the products to follow our Slogan!

"A burning flavor that keeps you coming for more.” ©
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The Story

Salinas Salsa, Co. is a created idea from the founder Eliseo ‘Shane’ Salinas, Jr. to make a natural homemade taste & spicy blend to match the flavors he grew up with. The roots given to him from his father, to now with Salinas Salsa, Co. LLC. We are from Texas and we gather its best fresh ingredients from Texas farms. The ingredients are FRESH to give a one of a kind taste to the final product.

This a natural homemade taste that infuses Texas & Mexico together to give you the authentic taste and feel of the deep TexMex south. We can say that there is NO artificial preservatives and only use the natural preservatives of limes and ingredients in our current selection of salsa recipes.

We will bring a artistic approach with our label designs that each jar of salsa will have its own identity to the flavor it brings in our final product to you. So you will know your favorites will stick out among our line of salsa products.

Salsa is source of infusion of great flavors and we as salsa makers want to bring that to you for your appetite enjoyment.

As we grow together our mission is to give you the best infusion of ingredients to you!

POP the Lid, grab a chip and enjoy!
Salinas Salsa, Co. - the Original

Disclaimer: Salinas Salsa, Co. LLC is not affiliated with Salajo, LLC d/b/a Salinas Salsa Works.


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