Salinas Salsa Co. - The Original! Branded that Good! #SalinasSalsa

A fresh salsa created in small batches that is Fresh & Authentic! A Homemade taste like no other Period. Literally from the farm to jar that fresh of a taste period! Did we say straight "FROM THE FARM TO JAR"? Its true we work with Texas farmers from the whole state to get our fresh ingredients to you taste buds. Nothing from a can or barrel is in our salsa products!

Salinas Salsa™ products is pleased to say that we are ALL NATURAL and we have No Artificial Preservatives, No Sugars, No Artificial Chemicals, No Tomato Paste or Juice, or No Coloring & we are Gluten Free. In short we keep the artificial bad stuff out!  We have been tested for a 12-month shelf life unopened and approximately once opened 2-months refrigerated. It’s a FRESH ALL NATURAL TASTE literally we like to say "It’s from the farm to the jar!”; to give you the best fresh ingredients to your mouth.

Texan made, Texas proud. POP the lid, grab a chip and enjoy our line of salsa products!


Salinas Salsa, Co. - the Original

The burning flavor that keeps you coming for more!

Proud GO TEXAN member! Spot the Mark! Go Local Go Farm Go Texan!


A Watershed Market video interview of the bearded one Shane Salinas of Salinas Salsa Co giving a little insight of the Salsa & the Watershed Market in Houston TX. #GLASIR

Stick a chip in it...Done!

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